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RE: weird translation block execution trace

From: Robert Bu
Subject: RE: weird translation block execution trace
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2021 10:04:53 +0000

>That does seem a bit odd. If it's 100% reproducible, then try running QEMU 
>under gdb and single step QEMU's execution of the TB to see what it's doing. 
>(If it's not 100% reproducible, then 'rr' (https://rr-project.org/) may be 
>useful in getting a recording of a failing execution which you can then step 
>both backwards and forwards in.)
>(PS: also, you don't say what QEMU version you're using, so make sure this 
>still happens on current-head-of-git.)

Thanks for your response.
Different runs lead to different results. So not easy to reproduce. Thank you 
for mentioning rr-project. Maybe, I can have a try. GDB has its own record & 
replay function. However, it's too slow and has a record buffer limit.
It's qemu-5.2.0 with some new models added, run with a new virtual machine 
(based on the ARM virt machine). I'll try git head to see if the problem still 


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