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Re: ALSA errors?

From: Izak van Langevelde
Subject: Re: ALSA errors?
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2021 13:34:26 +0100
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Dear Peter,

On 15/03/2021 13:06, Peter Maydell wrote:
On Mon, 15 Mar 2021 at 10:58, Izak van Langevelde <eezacque@xs4all.nl> wrote:
It's been a while since I used qemu, but when I try to run my virtual
machine I get the following errors:

ALSA lib pcm_dsnoop.c:641:(snd_pcm_dsnoop_open) unable to open slave
alsa: Could not initialize ADC
alsa: Failed to open `default':
alsa: Reason: No such file or directory
These all look like errors from the ALSA libraries. Can you
check that a simple "use alsa to play audio" application
like 'aplay' works without errors ?

Never used it before, but it just produces noise, withour error messages.


Grinnikend door het leven...

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