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Re: Stable (reproducible) virtual hardware?

From: Roman Bolshakov
Subject: Re: Stable (reproducible) virtual hardware?
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2021 17:55:35 +0000


For each platform QEMU provides a set of typical hardware architectures. x86 
has two machine types - pc (pc-440fx) and q35 (pc-q35). PC mimics a machine of 
early 90s up to mid 00's. q35 models a modern x86 PC with PCIe. You can specify 
either kind of machine as it looked in an older version of QEMU (e.g. 2.12) 
with something like:
-M pc-440fx-2.12 


14.02.2021, 15:08 пользователь "Qemu-discuss от имени Ville Oikarinen" 
<qemu-discuss-bounces+r.bolshakov=yadro.com@nongnu.org от имени 
ville@oikarinen.org> написал:

    Hello, and thanks for the awesome qemu.

    I have the following problem. Sorry, if this is answered in the
    documentation, but I just was not able to find it.

    Years ago I installed Windows 98 to a qemu virtual machine. Now, with
    a much more modern version of qemu, Windows complains about changed
    hardware i.e. new devices.

    What can I do to make qemu emulate the hardware exactly as it was back then?

    I would like to solve this for now and for ever

    What I'd like is something like python's pip freeze that lists all
    installed libraries with exact versions, and that list can be used to
    specify future environments in a reproducible way.

    Can I somehow get a list of qemu's hardware defaults that were in use
    back then? And can I force the more modern qemu to (always, even 20
    years from now) emulate that exact hardware?

    - Ville Oikarinen

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