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importing tensorflow+avx crashes because it can't detect avx

From: Asad Ali
Subject: importing tensorflow+avx crashes because it can't detect avx
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 2021 14:16:39 -0800

Hi guys, 
I'm using the qemu 5.2.0 on mac osx. I followed the instructions on this wiki https://wiki.qemu.org/Hosts/Mac to compile with avx. 

Next, I created an Ubuntu vm. In this vm, all I do is install python + tensorflow, and then do 
>> python
>> import tensorflow
2021-01-22 14:15:40.193407: F tensorflow/core/platform/cpu_feature_guard.cc:38] The TensorFlow library was compiled to use AVX instructions, but these aren't available on your machine.

If I look at /proc/cpu_info, I do see that I have avx anf avx2, so why is tensorflow complaining?

Here is my start.sh file:
~/Downloads/qemu-5.2.0/build/qemu-system-x86_64 \
  -m 4G \
  -net nic -net user,hostfwd=tcp::2223-:22,hostfwd=tcp::8001-:8000 \
  -vga virtio \
  -display default,show-cursor=on \
  -usb \
  -device usb-tablet \
  -machine type=q35,accel=hvf\
  -smp 2 \
  -drive file=ubuntu-16.04.7-desktop-amd64.qcow2,if=virtio \

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