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Re: OT - 24-pin dot matrix printer emulator (nlq etc.)

From: Will Senn
Subject: Re: OT - 24-pin dot matrix printer emulator (nlq etc.)
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 2020 11:07:23 -0500
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Hi Supratim,

This may not  be exactly what you're looking for, but it's related. I use 86box to emulate IBM PC (but it'll emulate anything up to Pentium III class machine (if I remember correctly). One of the emulated LPT/PRN devices is the Epson dot-matrix printer. It works really well (it generates pngs, which I put into pdf and print on my laserjet). I have no idea whether they borrowed the device from another emulation or what. I only use it from DOS, but 86box will probably run Win 98 without too much trouble.



On 10/27/20 9:05 AM, Supratim Sanyal wrote:


Possibly off-topic, but does anyone know of or use some sort of a Epson or whatever 24-pin dot matrix printer simulator that would, for example, create a virtual parallel port for other simlated instances of operating systems (Windows 98SE for example) to print to? Ideally it would understand escape sequences for NLQ fonts etc.


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