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Re: Emulate pc speaker in QEMU on MacBook Pro?

From: Will Senn
Subject: Re: Emulate pc speaker in QEMU on MacBook Pro?
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2020 13:18:50 -0500
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On 10/8/20 1:01 PM, Volker Rümelin wrote:
Hi Will,

<name> is anything (it's an identifier in case you want to have multiple 
audiodevs).  For backend you probably want to use `coreaudio` on a Mac (sdl might be 
available too, I'm not sure, see the list under the -audiodev option).  So something 
like this:

     -audiodev coreaudio,id=audio0 -machine pcspk-audiodev=audio0
I expected you have working audio playback with these qemu command line 
arguments. To exclude a problem with your guest please run 'Day 1 - F-Bird' 
from the QEMU Advent Calendar 2018. I know this program uses the pc speaker.
Well, I thought you were pulling my leg, with the greek 'Day 1 - F-Bird' stuff, but a google search led the way to the Advent Calendar, and lo and behold, It works!

qemu-system-x86_64 -audiodev coreaudio,id=audio0 -machine pcspk-audiodev=audio0 -fda fbird.com

On the dos instance, no joy. Here's my runfile, does it look sane?

qemu-system-i386 -machine isapc \
  -drive file=C.img,format=raw,if=ide,media=disk,readonly=off,index=0,cache=unsafe \
  -boot c \
  -audiodev coreaudio,id=audio0 -machine pcspk-audiodev=audio0 \
  -drive format=raw,file=empty1.img,index=0,if=floppy \
  -drive format=raw,file=empty2.img,index=1,if=floppy \
  -monitor telnet::2222,server,nowait -serial mon:stdio &
sleep 1
telnet localhost 2222

No beeping here. Next thing I'm going to try is running fbird from dos.

It's progress!

Hi Zoltan,

Thanks for the hint. I tried it and I didn't get any error, but I also don't 
get any speaker sounds. How do I troubleshoot. I've got the monitor open and I 
don't see any errors. Is coreaudio something native to my mac, or something I 
need to install/configure and is audio0 the usual default device? Sorry if this 
sounds newbieish.


I spoke to soon. As soon as I quit the monitor, an error was displayed:

coreaudio: Could not lock voice for audioDeviceIOProc
Reason: Invalid argument
Did this error message appear after you typed quit in the monitor? Then it's a 
bug in the qemu coreaudio shutdown routine and you can ignore this message.
Yes, it came after. No worries, I'm going to fiddle with this.

With best regards,

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