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Re: QEMU plugin system

From: Alex Bennée
Subject: Re: QEMU plugin system
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 15:50:12 +0100
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Marc Hacin <thanjuzo@free.fr> writes:

> Perhaps is it easier to track for example a specific 64bits write
> pattern. A 64 bit tag the guest app code will write anywhere,
> triggering the plug-in ?

Instrumenting all write operations is quite expensive given the number
of them. Most ISA's have a NOP space which can be validly used to encode
side channel information to signal to the plugin. Either trigger on the
first translation (for a oneshot) or add a call-back so each time the
instruction is called you can signal something.

> Le 29 juil. 2020 à 10:36, à 10:36, Kamil Garifullin <kgariful@gmail.com> a 
> écrit:
>>I'm trying to create a plugin which will track an activity during a
>>particular period of time.
>>Can I somehow send a signal from the guest to the instrumentation
>>For example, I want to boot linux, do some preparations, then start a
>>targeted application and start my tracking. It can be both: do not
>>instrumentation until special indication or just a special plugin event
>>set up some flags.
>>My thoughts were to have an event which will indicate that pmon was
>>touched. It allows you to do all the preparations in the guest machine,
>>then dump pmons as an indicator to start tracking and then run the

Alex Bennée

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