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Re: How do I move my VM's from root to a user

From: Nerijus Baliūnas
Subject: Re: How do I move my VM's from root to a user
Date: Mon, 06 Jul 2020 15:38:32 +0300
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It is a virt-manager (libvirt), not qemu question, please ask in the correct list.

2020-07-06 15:09, ToddAndMargo rašė:
Hi All,

Fedora 32, x64

Since I have figure out how to run virt-manager as a
user without having to hassle with the pol kit prompt,
I would like to move my virtual machines out of
root (or wherever the are) and into a particular user.

I can start virt-manager as a user, but all my VM
are missing.

How to do migrate all my vm's from root to a user?

Many thanks,

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