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QEMU + HVF Fails to start OVMF.fd (hang before displaying logo)

From: LAHAYE Olivier
Subject: QEMU + HVF Fails to start OVMF.fd (hang before displaying logo)
Date: Mon, 11 May 2020 10:26:02 +0000
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I’m facing a similar problem to this one, but I’m unable to find any solution via google.



I’m trying to run an EFI BIOS using qemu.

  • It works fine without acceleration
  • It hangs (display not initialized) when using -accel hvf


I’ve tested many OVMF.fd files from internet including the official one of course whith no differences. (always work with no acceleration and always fail with HVF acceleration).


  • OS: MacOS 10.14.6
  • QEMU 5.0.0 monitor - type 'help' for more information
  • (qemu) qemu-system-x86_64: warning: host doesn't support requested feature: CPUID.80000001H:ECX.svm [bit 2]
  • info roms
  • fw=genroms/kvmvapic.bin size=0x002400 name="kvmvapic.bin"
  • addr=00000000fff00000 size=0x100000 mem=rom name="/Users/ol222822/data/OVMF.fd"
  • /rom@etc/acpi/tables size=0x200000 name="etc/acpi/tables"
  • /rom@etc/table-loader size=0x001000 name="etc/table-loader"
  • /rom@etc/acpi/rsdp size=0x000014 name="etc/acpi/rsdp"


Is it a known issue?

Is there something I’m missing?


I’m running qemu in the following way:

qemu-system-x86_64 -machine q35 -bios ~/data/OVMF.fd -monitor stdio

If I add -accel hvf, it’ll hang before tiano core logo.


Best regards,



Olivier LAHAYE


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