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Re: Qemu for Pi-Top

From: Ottavio Caruso
Subject: Re: Qemu for Pi-Top
Date: Tue, 28 Apr 2020 20:15:11 +0100
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Op 28/04/2020 om 13:27 schreef jm Greeves:
Hi there,

I write you asking for your detailed help as our IT ability is exceptionally 

Two years ago, I bought a Pi-Top for my young son. Unfortunately, over that 
time period we have failed 100% to make any projects work and indeed we have 
become frustrated to dire desperation through trying. We are complete novices 
and it would seem that we need tonnes of prior knowledge of Linux systems and 
coding. Its all gibberish to us.

Therefore, Pi recommended Qemu to us. And I thought, great, now we can progress in a 
windows emulated environment. Unfortunately, when we navigate the Qemy blogs, etc., we 
find ourselves yet again knee-deep in jargon and the need for pre-knowledge. Even sites 
that give step-by-step guides, don't specify whether code is to be entered in the 
Terminal window, the DOS window or elsewhere. And even then, we just get "command 
does not exist".

All we want to do is:
1) Download Qemu (to emulate Windows and DOS on a Raspberian OS)
2) Install it on the pi-top (to run as an app, rather than replace the 
Raspberian OS)
3) Use it.

This sounds simple, but quite frankly we just don't understand how to do this! 
Our need is because of our absolute innocence, yet to get it requires higher 
order skills just to instal it.

Could you please help, with simple clear instructions that comprehensively 
assume pure stupidity. We need such 'stupid' instructions because nothing we 
have done has worked so far over 2 years and our Pi-Top has become an 
overpriced paperweight.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated, as we would like to try your Qemu 
software before putting the Pi-Top in the bin.

I don't have direct experience with the Pi-Top, but I very much doubt it has the computing power to run an emulated Windows environment. You are going to be even more frustrated. Even in the unlikely case you do have the necessary power to run qemu/kvm on it, you'll be adding an extra level of complexity that you (I seem to understand) are not willing to take.

Much as I love qemu, you're better off trying to make the most of the Pi and learn some Linux/Unix skills. Besides Raspian, I have been told that NetBSD runs very well on the Pi's, but we're going off-topic here.

Ottavio Caruso

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