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qemu_plugin_insn_disas() versus -cpu

From: Marc Hacin
Subject: qemu_plugin_insn_disas() versus -cpu
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2020 15:30:46 +0200
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I am using qemu_plugin_insn_disas() in a TCG plugin.
Some floating point instructions are properly translated to host code, as it works in the emulator, but are translated to ".byte " by qemu_plugin_insn_disas().

It seems that the capstone library behind qemu_plugin_insn_disas does not support that PowerPC core.

But as the emulator translates right the guest code, I wonder why capstone is required. Isn't it possible for the translator to also build a string, disassembling of any guest instruction ? So as to be conformant with configure'd selected targets.

Or else, use of the GNU binutils code ?
I compiled using a cross GNU compiler, for that specific processor (arch is *gnuspe). arch-objdump is disassembling what capstone fails to do. I don't know if there is a clean disassembling layer in objdump, but using it instead of capstone may cover a larger processors set (?).

Thierry Bernier

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