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Re: Windows 10 passthrough lag/micro-freeze issues during disk I/O

From: Jérôme Poulin
Subject: Re: Windows 10 passthrough lag/micro-freeze issues during disk I/O
Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2020 16:20:25 -0400
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I really did try many things that I didn't enumerate here our of
desperation. Also I had Windows 7 before with the same behavior.

> Have you tried putting qemu in the realtime I/O-scheduling class via
> ionice?
No, I will give it a try, however, I don't see the NVMe being maxed out
in its queue.  Even I/O from inside the guest will amplify the effect of
any I/O on host.

> Have you tried io threading, dedicating a core to the host, and
> pinning the io threads to that core? The same core should be dedicated
> to qemu's overhead.

Yes, I tried using IO threads instead, and by default, all the threads
are already pinned to the emulator core, my IRQs are also pinned to this
core. The core #7 is never loaded much more than 30%. And just making
sure everyone is aware that the Core i7 9700K really is 8 cores, no
thread, so it is really dedicated.

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