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exact ISR triggering

From: lesto fante
Subject: exact ISR triggering
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2020 21:39:34 +0100


I am a baremetal programmer for the ARM architecture and I have a
library of method to synchronize data between main() and ISR, and i
would like to have a way to test them in a comprehensive way.

The idea is to write a minimal code in the main(), and then for each
atomic operation in the main trigger the isr, then check that the
state of the system is as expected (basically a unit test).

Is there a way to trigger those ISR exactly when I want, and to have a
callback every time an atomic operation is completed, and to know if
that operation was in the ISR?
Ideally I hope someone else already set this up and I can just focus
on my stuff, I dont think I have the time and/or capability to get my
hand in a project like this.

Now I call the ISR as normal function, but:
- one line of C code is not necessarily atomic
- one ASM instruction could also not be atomic
- stuff like missing volatile/atomic will not nbe tested
- as above, other side effect may not be notice, depending on how
"smart" is the chip

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