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specify password-secret during drive mirror

From: Jiatong Shen
Subject: specify password-secret during drive mirror
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2020 08:48:18 +0800


I am trying to hot swap drive from a file to a rbd based image. I try the following command

virs# qemu-monitor-command 1476 '{"execute": "drive-mirror","arguments": {"device": "drive-virtio-disk1","job-id": "job0","target": "rbd:vms/06abc940-f8de-4184-a37c-2fac9506a2c6_disk.config:id=nova:auth_supported=cephx\\;none:mon_host=\\:6789;\\:6789;\\:6789", "sync": "full", "mode": "existing", "format": "raw"}}'

and thenĀ 

virsh # qemu-monitor-command 1476 '{"execute": "block-job-complete", "arguments": {"device": "job0" }}'

it seems working because query-block returns a new backend drive.

But how can I pass in a password-secret? looks like the above command work because there isĀ  already one secret.

Best Regards,

Jiatong Shen

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