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Re: Is there a risk for filesystem errors?

From: Som Tecnologia
Subject: Re: Is there a risk for filesystem errors?
Date: Fri, 31 Jan 2020 11:42:45 +0100

Same as unplug power cable.
Guest OS performs i/o operations while it's running; when guest macine
is stopped, guest OS (and its kernel) is stopped and it can't commit
more data to disk: This means that if there was data pending to commit
to leave a consistent filesystem, this data will not be recorded to

Ext4 filesystem does journaling by default, and this keeps a consistent
filesystem independently to data meaning: If you unplug power cable,
jornal will be flushed on next boot and leave consistency at filesystem
NTFS I suppose the same.

El 31/1/20 a les 11:22, Kai Peter ha escrit:
> Hi,
> in a former question there was confirmed that the monitor command 'quit'
> is similar to unplug the power cable. Now, for modern operating systems
> it is recommended to shutdown them (and not to switch off the power
> supply). Thus the filesystem(s) will be unmounted cleanly to avoid file
> system errors.
> The question is: _Could_ it happen that I get filesystem errors if I use
> 'quit' in the monitor? Especially for ext4 and ntfs filesystems?
> I assume it _could_ happen, but can someone confirm please or not?
> regards
> Kai

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