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Extremely high kernel cpu usage with QEMU

From: Wqrld
Subject: Extremely high kernel cpu usage with QEMU
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 20:58:52 +0100

Hi, im having a really strange issue where the kernel cpu usage is 46% where the guest usage is only 34%. I would think this is overhead because the amount of cpu used in the guests really doesnt add up to that much. But even then i can't remember there being so much overhead ever. Would anyone be able to give me some info on how to debug this?

Monitoring url: http://vps.ferox.host:19996/
guests run game servers in docker
Cpu in the guests DOES add up to about that 34% but NOT to the total that is now 80% cpu usage.

First time using a mailing list so i hope im not in the wrong place. If so sorry.


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