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Activate alternative mon or qmp interface from existing mon

From: Eldon
Subject: Activate alternative mon or qmp interface from existing mon
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2020 23:00:11 -0500
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After having perused the documentation (and perhaps I simply missed the
proper strategy), I can't seem to identify a way to open a QMP socket on
an existing qemu instance where I have access to the monitor. I am
interested in initiating some block streaming jobs as defined in the
excellent documentation[1], however it seems that no monitor commands
(that I could clearly identify) can accomplish the streaming and
committing tasks. I believe that one live strategy would be to migrate from a
qemu process that does not have a QMP socket defined, to an identical
qemu process where I have defined a QMP socket, and then to perform the
necessary block streaming jobs. Any advice on whether:
1) the full set of streaming operations is available on a standard "mon"
command line, or
2) a QMP socket can be creating via commands on a standard "mon" command
line on a running VM,
would be greatly appreciated.



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