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Re: Unaligned data reference

From: Supratim Sanyal
Subject: Re: Unaligned data reference
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2019 18:34:55 -0500

On 12/31/2019 06:25 PM, Kent Dorfman wrote:
It would help if you are explicit about whether the alignment error is
happening on the host, or within the guest.  Since I see systemd in
the error log above so I'll assume that it's INSIDE the guest...which
leads me to believe that the problem is the debian running inside the
The assumption is correct, the errors are from Debian/PARISCĀ  GUEST.

unaligned data errors often happen as a result of running code that
isn't properly compiled for the EXACT architecture it's being executed
on.  Make sure your debian release is correct for the QEMU wrapper its
being run in.
OK, so it looks likes its an issue with the udev daemon code ported to Debian for the HP PARISC processor. Will check with the maintainers of this port.

Thanks, and wishes for an awesome 2020.


On 12/31/19, Supratim Sanyal <address@hidden> wrote:

I am getting flooded with these with qemu-system-hppa running
Debian/Linux parisc guest on FreeBSD-12 host. Is this a Debian issue or
qemu issue?

[33175.273061] Not-handled unaligned insn 0x0f8011dc
[33175.273976] Unaligned handler failed, ret = -1
[33175.277058] systemd-udevd (pid 4210): Unaligned data reference (code
28) at 42886503
[33183.896837] systemd-udevd(4211): unaligned access to 0xf9705288 at
[33183.900041] Not-handled unaligned insn 0x0f8011dc
[33183.900960] Unaligned handler failed, ret = -1
[33183.901917] systemd-udevd (pid 4211): Unaligned data reference (code
28) at 42269503


Supratim Sanyal


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