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Mouse which supports absolute coordinates as input

From: Sergey Bronnikov
Subject: Mouse which supports absolute coordinates as input
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2019 17:50:03 +0300

Hello, everyone!

I want to find a way to move mouse in QEMU using absolute
coordinates.QMP interface contains a command 'query-mice' which will
show a list of mice with properties. One of the property is
'absolute', it's true when device supports absolute coordinates as
input. But all available QEMU mice returns false for this property:

    "execute": "query-mice",
    "arguments": {}
    "return": [
            "index": 5,
            "name": "QEMU Virtio Mouse",
            "current": false,
            "absolute": false
            "index": 2,
            "name": "QEMU PS/2 Mouse",
            "current": false,
            "absolute": false
            "index": 4,
            "name": "QEMU HID Mouse",
            "current": true,
            "absolute": false

But description of 'query-mice' in qapi/ui.json shows that "QEMU PS/2
Mouse" supports absolute coordinates:

#          {
#             "name":"QEMU PS/2 Mouse",
#             "index":1,
#             "current":true,
#             "absolute":true
#          }

Why it so? Is it possible to move mouse pointer using absolute coordinates?


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