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PXE prompt only, image does not boot

From: jimmypierre.rouen.france
Subject: PXE prompt only, image does not boot
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2019 20:24:17 +0100


Have you ever been stuck in UEFI prompt? This happens when you fire the VM, it 
looks for PXE, then this.

Tried "exit" but no joy with various recipes found by search engines. Please 
come forward if you know a working solution as I am desperate.

This is Alpine Linux with aarch64 architecture. On dev platform, it works with 
qemu-system. When the img is converted with qemu-img to qcow2, it does not boot.

In production, the QEMU expects:
1. ISO
2. qcow2 / raw
3. premade cloud images (btw, if you know how to build cloud images for aarch64 
Cortex A 72, I can solve all these problems.

Thanks in advance.


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