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Cross compiling QEMU for baremetal ARM

From: Anirudha Kurhade
Subject: Cross compiling QEMU for baremetal ARM
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2019 12:04:41 +0530


I was exploring if we can cross compile QEMU to run on baremetal ARM (without any OS). I have a binary compiled for PPC which I need to run on ARM. As I don't have the source code for the application I cannot recompile it for ARM. I was considering the option of using QEMU for the same. But I found all use cases where QEMU was installed with some OS. I was wondering, since we have the source code for QEMU can't we use it directly with ARM?

Can anyone please help me with this? If it is not possible can anyone suggest me alternative options. 
Thanks and Regards,
Anirudha Kurhade,
Graduate Student,
Georgia Institute of Technology, 
Atlanta, GA, USA.

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