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QEMU and virt xml specifications for newbies

From: Ruben Safir
Subject: QEMU and virt xml specifications for newbies
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2019 07:09:02 -0400
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I'm relatively new to the virtualization scene and I am trying to learn
how to use KVM with QEMU and libvirt.  Looking for tutorials, I ended up
on an IBM resource which has a sample XML file for a quick start, but it
is not well documented and doing a websearch for details has had limited

The suggested XML file they give looks like this:
<domain type="kvm">
        <memory unit="GiB">16</memory>
                <disk type="block" device="disk">
                        <driver name="qemu" type="qcow2" cache="none"
iothread="1" io="native"/>
                        <target dev="vda" bus="virtio"/>
                        <boot order="1"/>
                <interface type="direct">
                        <source dev="bond0" mode="bridge"/>
                <console type="pty">
                        <target type="sclp">
                <memballon mode="none"\>

They have certain aspects in bold type that shouldn't be altered,
according to them.

I'm having a difficult time understanding what should be entered into
the <disk> <source > section.  It looks like it is actually defining 
a drive, but I have no idea what /dev/mapper is.  I would think one
would need to create some for a virtual disk image

In this example, they use a disk file

which is defined as a file and not a block device.  That brings up a
general puzzle, do these uml descriptions describe the host view or what
you want to create in the guest view?

I'd appreciate some direction on this.  Thanks

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