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Query Status of Incremental Backups

From: Michael Lee
Subject: Query Status of Incremental Backups
Date: Sat, 05 Oct 2019 01:34:18 +0000
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I'm using the 'qemu-monitor-command' via virsh to execute backups of VMs using the 'block-dirty-bitmap-*' commands.  The incr. backups are working great but I need a way to check the progress/status of the backup operations.  I especially want to use this in scripting the backups.

For example I run the below operation, and I get an id back, but can't find a way to check the status of the job with the ID.  I've watched this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQK5ANionpU and had hope but it looks like most of the features talked about in the video are experimental and not available yet.  I'm running Manjaro as the host OS so I should have access to the latest and greatest libvirt/qemu versions.  Thanks.
virsh qemu-monitor-command Mint-19.1 --pretty \
'{"execute": "transaction",' \
'    "arguments":' \
'    {' \
'        "actions":' \
'        [' \
'            {"type": "block-dirty-bitmap-add",' \
'             "data": {"node": "drive-virtio-disk0", "name": "bitmap0"}' \
'            },' \
'            {"type": "drive-backup",' \
'             "data": {"device": "drive-virtio-disk0",' \
'                      "target": "/libvirt-backups/Mint-19.1_backup_full.qcow2",' \
'                      "sync": "full", "format": "qcow2"' \
'                     }' \
'            }' \
'        ]' \
'    }' \

Mike Lee

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