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qemu smb access problem host: linux, guest: win10

From: address@hidden
Subject: qemu smb access problem host: linux, guest: win10
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2019 16:12:42 +0000


I have problems, accessing a shared folder from Windows 10 guest on my OpenSuse 
host machine.

I can access the shared folder in my virtual machine with 
However, If I open it with explorer I get a ""Could not access 
\\\qemu"" error.
In the Windows command line I"m getting a ""file not found"" message.
""net use \\\qemu"" works without any problems.
The permission of the shared folder (""/opt/virtMachines/share-win10"") and all 
files in it is rwxrwxrwx.

The smbd version is 4.7.11-git.153.b36ceaf2235lp150.3.14.1-SUSE-oS15.0-x86_64.
The qemu version is 2.11.2.

I start the qemu with the following options:

 qemu-kvm -smp 8,sockets=2,cores=4,threads=1 -cpu host,kvm=on -m size=1024 -k 
de \
  -balloon none \
  -monitor unix:qemu-monitor-socket,server,nowait -daemonize \
  -cdrom /opt/virtMachines/dvds/empty.iso \
  -hda /opt/virtMachines/images/win10.qcow2 \
  -drive file=/opt/virtMachines/images/vs-and-tools.qcow2 \
  -drive file=/opt/virtMachines/images/src-and-build.qcow2 \
  -display sdl \
  -vga vmware \
  -device rtl8139,netdev=mynet0 \
  -boot order=dc,menu=on -no-quit

How can I access my shared folder?

Thank you!

Have a nice day

   Thomas Strasser

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