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[Qemu-discuss] QEMU-i386-static question

From: Dr. Pedro E. Colla
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] QEMU-i386-static question
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2019 17:26:54 -0300


I'm trying to implement a chroot environment on a Raspberry Pi with the
ultimate intention to run Windows applications using wine.

To do that first an x86 chroot environment using the subject emulator is
used, then once inside a shell of it wine is invoked.

The whole thing works surprisingly well despite my initial expectations
given the small CPU resources available.

However, I do need for the Windows program to access the serial port
(/dev/ttyUSB0 at the host environment); the Windows problem is unable to
use that port despite different ways to configure it for wine to recognize
it; but ultimately I found the problem is the x86 debian running under qemu
isn't seeing it at all.

It seems this version of qemu doesn't handle the usual arguments to define
character devices or usb devices.

I'm failing to see further documentations on how to enable the x86 emulated
environment to see the host hardware devices.

Network access is available in the x86 environment though.

┬┐Any hint or idea that might help me?

Thanks! Pedro LU7DID

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