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Re: [Qemu-discuss] Incremental drive-backup with dirty bitmaps

From: Kashyap Chamarthy
Subject: Re: [Qemu-discuss] Incremental drive-backup with dirty bitmaps
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2019 09:57:43 +0100
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On Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 12:59:27AM +0530, Bharadwaj Rayala wrote:


Eric has responded with excellent detail, as usual; a "meta question"

> I am trying to build a backup workflow(program) using drive-backup along
> with dirty bitmaps to take backups of kvm vms. 

Is this program that you're building just specific to your environment?
Or is it a generic open source project (or proprietary product)?

> EIther pull/push model works for me. Since drive-backup push model is
> already implemented, I am going forward with it. I am not able to
> figure out a few details and couldn't find any documentation around
> it. Any help would be appreciated



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