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[Qemu-discuss] How to redirect QEMU -serial output to both a file and th

From: Ciro Santilli
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] How to redirect QEMU -serial output to both a file and the terminal or a port?
Date: Sun, 11 Nov 2018 10:57:23 +0000


I would like to be able to both interact with the system via the
command line, but also get the output to a file at the same time.

If I do:

    qemu-sysem-x86_64 -serial stdio |& tee file

then it mostly works, but I would like to avoid any Bash operations
and let QEMU do the heavy lifting for me. For example, I'm using
Python, and it is not so simple to implement a reliable `tee` there.

If I do:

    qemu-sysem-x86_64 -serial file:myfile

It redirects to the file and I can't give any input.

Is there a way to "combine" both `file:` and `stdio` to a single `-serial`?

Multiple `-serial` entries just create multiple serial ports instead
of modifying a single one.

I'm also interested if it works with telnet as in:

    -serial tcp::1234,server,nowait

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