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[Qemu-discuss] Win10 VM Sound Issue

From: Alexander Petrenz
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] Win10 VM Sound Issue
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2018 10:19:28 +0200


my previous system was an intel platform and I had an integrated sound chip
as well as a dedicated sound card installed. I used the integrated sound
card in the linux host and passed through the dedicated sound card to the
win10 vm.
Additionally I used a short loop cable connecting the line out of the vm
sound card with the line in of the host sound device. This was working
without any further setup/additional modules in pulseaudio or similar.
A couple of months ago I switched to an AMD system, without the dedicated
sound card for the VM. I have a passed through graphics card in the VM,
which is providing audio and I can connect my head phones to the monitor to
have sound. Now I thought I could connect a long audio cable to from the
monitor line out to the line in of the host sound device. This didn't work
and I had to learn that some additional pulseaudio module (module_loopback)
is required for this - however I didn't need that on the old system, so I
don't quite understand. Also I the quality is pretty bad as I hear noises
and clicks, but I think that this may also come from the used cable. There
was also some module for filtering those noises, but that made the quality
even worse.
Does someone have similar experiences? Why do I need module_loopback, when
it wasn't required on the old system. Is it worth using a better cable for
the loopback to get rid of the noises, or is it rather some configuration


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