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Re: [Qemu-discuss] -cpu host not liked anymore?

From: Frans de Boer
Subject: Re: [Qemu-discuss] -cpu host not liked anymore?
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2018 10:41:06 +0200
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On 9/29/18 9:20 AM, Frans de Boer wrote:

I have mentioned this in another thread, but would like to draw attention to next issue separately:

Using '-cpu host' on a system with a AMD Phenom II causes the quest system to freeze during the boot phase. Removing this argument from the command line resolves this because the quest now runs under a virtual QEMU CPU. Thereby possibly lacking native host features and a reduced execution speed.

Regards, Frans.

Alas, no reaction whatsoever.
But I found a discussion on reddit where they had the same problem. The solution is thus to either remove the '-cpu host' or '-cpu max' argument and to replace it with '-cpu phenom'. Thus it's a workaround, not a structural solution.

I hope that developers will pick-up this issue.

Regards, Frans.

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