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[Qemu-discuss] Key mapping on Windows host

From: Peter Hull
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] Key mapping on Windows host
Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2018 08:05:39 +0100

Hi All,
I have a Dell laptop with a UK keyboard running Windows 10 64-bit and
QEMU 3.0.0.
Some of the keys do not seem to be mapped correctly in the guest.
Specifically, on my keyboard, between L and the return key I have keys
labelled ; (semicolon) ' (single quote) and # (hash). When I press
them, the guest reports the semicolon correctly, the hash key gives a
single quote and the single quote key gives a back-tick, which
corresponds to a key at the top left of the keyboard near ESC. When I
press that key, nothing happens.
I've tried this with three different guests - tinycore linux, haiku-os
and odin1440 from the QEMU website. I also tried PS/2 keyboard and USB
keyboard options.
Can anyone help with getting the keys mapped correctly?

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