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Re: [Qemu-discuss] [Qemu-devel] Apple hypervisor.framework (hvf) availab

From: Peter Maydell
Subject: Re: [Qemu-discuss] [Qemu-devel] Apple hypervisor.framework (hvf) availability
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2018 10:21:03 +0000

On 7 February 2018 at 23:05, Brendan Simon (eTRIX)
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Maybe qemu developers/users do not know that hvf is now available in
> qemu?  Is it promoted so that people may become interested and try to
> progress further development?

It's only just gone into trunk. We're planning to do a
blog post/etc to advertise the new functionality to users
at around the time we do the next QEMU release that includes it.

>  There must be some qemu developers that
> have access to Macs and may even be Mac users too (just an assumption).

Nope, pretty much not. Almost all the QEMU developers use
Linux -- the BSDs and Windows hosts are also not very well
represented in the QEMU dev community.
I have a Mac, but I only really use it for doing build tests,
so we at least keep the OSX support from bitrotting entirely.
More developers working on and with the OSX parts of the QEMU
code would certainly be welcome.

-- PMM

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