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Re: [Qemu-discuss] qemu-system-sparc and network devices

From: Thomas Huth
Subject: Re: [Qemu-discuss] qemu-system-sparc and network devices
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2018 12:34:57 +0100
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On 03.02.2018 23:30, Scott Harris wrote:
> Hi
> The qemu-system-sparc has a 'lance' model NIC built in and so doesn't
> require adding it as a device to the configuration. For my application
> that involves getting Sparcstation2 software to run on a Linux PC, the
> command line looks something like :
> qemu-system-sparc -M "SS-5" -m 256\
>  -nographic -parallel vc\
>  -name "Netbsd 5"\
>  -drive "file=Boot.qcow2,index=0,media=disk"\
>  -boot order=cd,menu=off\
>  -net nic,vlan=0,model=lance,macaddr=DE:AD:BE:EF:F3:E5\
>  -net tap,vlan=0,ifname=tap0,script=no,downscript=no\
>  -localtime
> This setup works fine for my purposes but the '-net' option is
> deprecated. I personally would like to avoid the deprecated options but
> I can't actually get the recommended '-netdev' option to work properly
> with qemu-system-sparc.
Try something like:

 -netdev tap,id=nd1,...
 -net nic,netdev=nd1,...


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