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[Qemu-discuss] ppc and icount

From: Steven Seeger
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] ppc and icount
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2018 15:41:51 -0500

I am working with a custom model powerpc board (750-based) and I am having an 
issue with icount (any shift value).

First, upon the first execution of the rfi instruction, I get:

qemu: fatal: Raised interrupt while not in I/O function
NIP 00030354   LR 00000000 CTR 00000000 XER 00000000 CPU#0
MSR 00001000 HID0 0000c484  HF 00000000 iidx 3 didx 3
Bad icount read

However, the interrupt controller is one I created and there is certainly no 
assertion of the CPU's external interrupt line.

For reference, NIP address is the first instruction in vxTaskEntry().

If I comment out the line of code that calls cpu_abort() in this case, 
everything works, but it runs very slowly under high interrupt load. (Once the 
boot-up serial console messages fly by, the system runs at a reasonable 

If anyone has any experience with these two issues I'd appreciate your 

My goal with using icount is to have the "device model" logic execute between 
tcg blocks. If the host cpu gets bogged down, I'd like the number of 
instructions executed and time elapsed to slow down with it so it remains 


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