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[Qemu-discuss] Question about RNG virtio device

From: Dennis Chen
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] Question about RNG virtio device
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2017 15:15:18 +0800
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(This email has sent to the QEMU developer ML, but seems nobody give a clear
answer, I begin to suspect if it's a stupid question :-)

Hello QEMU Users,

We all know that there is a virtio-rng device can be para-virtualised from
the host to guest in case of a real RNG HW exists in the host, my question
Can we get some performance gain to use the 'virtio-rng' device if there isn't
a real RNG HW in host, in this case, what's the default back-end of the virtio
-rng device?
For my scenario, I don't want to use a virtio-rng device if the host doesn't 
a RNG HW, because the guest will get a fake RNG HW with virtio-rng device (/sys/
devices/virtual/misc/hw_random/rng_current), which is not expected. But if 
virtio-rng is not used, I don't know how the guest get the entropy from the 
the most concern is performance. IOW, what's the difference between virtio-rng 
and not if there isn't a RNG HW in host?


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