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[Qemu-discuss] How to obtain the list of all Memory Addresses accessed g

From: Arnab
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] How to obtain the list of all Memory Addresses accessed given the disassembled instruction trace and a memory snapshot of QEMU available ?
Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2017 20:09:01 -0400
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I collected a disassembled trace of all instructions of an application that executed in a guest Virtual Machine running on QEMU. I have also obtained the memory snapshot of QEMU - just before I executed my program - so as per my understanding, the memory snapshot should contain all changes that occurred in the memory after the program executed.

I am only currently interested in obtaining addresses of LOAD instructions from the disassembled trace. Most of the disassembled "LOAD" instructions are of the form -

mov rax, qword ptr [rdx+rdi*8]

So what we can see is the "LOAD" addresses are encapsulated as arithmetic combinations of the values of x86_64 registers. I wanted to obtain the exact addresses of these "LOAD" instructions, with the help of the memory snapshot that I have.

Is there any mechanism in QEMU that will help me in giving the addresses of these instructions - without performing any deterministic record/replay (as I already have the list of all instructions along with the memory snapshot) ?

Thanks and Regards,

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