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[Qemu-discuss] q35+usb3 not working with Windows 10 guest

From: Xi Shen
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] q35+usb3 not working with Windows 10 guest
Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2017 11:40:07 +0000


My host setting is:

- Gentoo Linux 64bit
- libvirt + qemu + virt-manager + spice

My guest is:

- Windows 10 64bit
- chipset is q35
- Usb controller is usb 3

After setting up the VM. I installed the SPICE guest tools, and the display driver. And I am able to copy/paste between my host and guest, and I am able to adjust my guest screen resolution.

However, when I plug in a usb disk and try to redirect it to my guest from Spice client, the device is shown as "Mass storage" but with an exclamation mark which indicate it does not work.

Then I changed the guest usb controller to usb 2, and try again, and the usb disk is correctly redirected to my guest.

I just want to know if I missed some configuration or guest driver, or it is simply that q35 + usb3 is not yet supported in Windows guest.

Thanks & happy new year ;)

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