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[Qemu-discuss] issues with multiple connections using 'guestfwd'

From: Matt Broadstone
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] issues with multiple connections using 'guestfwd'
Date: Thu, 20 Oct 2016 15:32:53 -0400


I'm attempting an experiment capturing traffic to a particular IP on a guest in qemu, and redirecting it to the host system. I wonder if anyone could help answer a few questions that have come up:

 - It seemed from reading the documentation that `guestfwd` might be a logical starting point. I set this up using the following configuration: '-net user,guestfwd=tcp:'  (using ssh as a test here). This actually worked on the first try, however subsequent attempts to connect via ssh timed out and eventually failed.  Is it possible to configure this to allow multiple (possibly concurrent) connections to be made?

 - The ultimate goal was to be able to have a guest which uses a tap netdev for its base network, but to be able to redirect local attempts to connect to a specific host:port back to the host system. Is it even possible to mix those two definitions (as the solution above uses `user`)? 


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