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[Qemu-discuss] qemu-system-tricore does not work

From: Filippo Battaglia
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] qemu-system-tricore does not work
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2016 23:07:31 +0200
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Good morning. I've tried to simulate a controller
Tricore TC1797 using the last version of QEMU.

I'm compelled to use Win7 x64, therefore I have
recompiled QEMU under Cygwin64 by using the
mingw64 gcc compiler.

These steps were followed:

1) I have downloaded the free Tricore Entry Toolchain
at the link


It contains the tricore-gcc compiler v4.6.4 provided by Hightec.

2) I have recompiled the SerialHelloWorld sample by using
the IDE integrated in the Tricore Entry Toolchain. The Eclipse
project was set for TC1797 board. The Eclipse IDE makes
available several memory configurations (eRAM, iRAM, iROM).
The eRAM configuration was chosen, as the other ones determined
the following fatal error in QEMU

(qemu) rom: requested regions overlap

3) I have launched the QEMU simulator by using the following
command row:

C:\Programmi\QEMU\qemu-system-tricore.exe -machine tricore_testboard
-cpu tc1797 -kernel C:\QEMU_ARCHS\AurixTricore\SerialHelloWorld

The QEMU monitor starts but, when I go into the menu View,
item serial0, the serial0 console does not show any output
(I presume that at least the string HelloWorld should be present).

I suspect that the issue may be an error in the memory
configuration of the IDE used for compilation, but I'm
unable to identify the problem.

Is it available somewhere an example of the use of the Tricore
simulator for QEMU (a tutorial, a step-by-step procedure that
uses another IDE/compiler), in order to check if the
QEMU simulator actually works ?

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