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[Qemu-discuss] response to BIOS int 0x13 calls

From: bilsch
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] response to BIOS int 0x13 calls
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2016 21:06:13 -0800
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I'm a low energy QEMU user. I use it for running a 'hobby' OS that is little more than a boot sector. It has a program that calls int 0x13 ah=0x48 to get the number of sectors on the hard drive. If the call returns CF=1 it means the call was unsuccessful (and presumably the # of sectors info is invalid). If I copy the 'OS' containing this BIOS call to a partition on the actual hard drive and boot it, it returns CF=0 and # sectors = (a reasonable number). If I run this OS in QEMU it returns CF=1 and # sectors = 0. How do I get correct BIOS response in QEMU?

Thanks.    Bill S.

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