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[Qemu-discuss] EMT64 support

From: EricSong
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] EMT64 support
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2015 14:41:42 +0800

Hi, exports

         I want to emulate intel x64 cpu with EMT64 tech. But when I use x86_64_softmmu to compile for 64-bit CPU support, I found it is compatible for AMD64, but EMT64. I check it from SMM part.

         According to Intel spec, when support EMT64 for 64-bit, the SMM save state map is started from SMBASE + FC00h with 0x400 bytes, and SMbase register is located in SMBASE + FEF8h. However according to AMD, if support AMD64 for 64-bit, the SMM save state map is started from SMBASE + FE00h with 0x200 bytes, and SMbase register is located in SMBASE + FF00h. I think this is 2 different way for 64-bit support. But in Qemu 2.2.4, we just support AMD64 for 64-bit. Eg: In Do_smm_enter() function,

         #ifdef TARGET_X86_64

    for (i = 0; i < 6; i++) {

        dt = &env->segs[i];

        offset = 0x7e00 + i * 16;

        stw_phys(cs->as, sm_state + offset, dt->selector);

        stw_phys(cs->as, sm_state + offset + 2, (dt->flags >> 8) & 0xf0ff);

        stl_phys(cs->as, sm_state + offset + 4, dt->limit);

        stq_phys(cs->as, sm_state + offset + 8, dt->base);


stl_phys(cs->as, sm_state + 0x7f00, env->smbase);

         That’s to say, Does QEMU not support EMT64 for 64-bit? All 64-bit tech is follow AMD64?

    Thank you very much!


Best wishes,


Eric Song

Tel: 010- 82695388  Ext.892242 & 892701

E-mail: address@hidden


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