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[Qemu-discuss] A system of wizards for Qemu

From: Gueven Bay
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] A system of wizards for Qemu
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2015 12:45:07 +0100


I design and develop a system of wizards for configuring and using and
controlling Qemu and I would like to know and discuss what your
requirements (would) look like for such a system.

As far as I have planned for now:

The wizards will be atomic.
  For every Qemu command and for every option of the commands there should be
an own wizard. This requirement makes it easy to document what this wizard do
with examples as show cases.

The wizards will be hierarchical.
  The atomic wizards call each other until the command has every
option and parameter set. This requirement make it possible to extend
the wizards functionalities easily by connecting them in a new way.

The wizards will have a history.
  The wizards record what you called and entered until now. With this
you can "replay" some of the last uses and also save the last uses of
the wizards under a specific name for generating a new wizard.

The wizards will be portable.
  In my opinion the most platforms/hosts of Qemu have a Bourne Shell compatible
environment. So I want to implement the wizards as shell scripts.

The wizards will be scriptable.
  As shell scripts the wizards themselfs are open to call from other scripts to
get much more extended use cases.

The wizards will have a modern GUI.
  The most platforms where a shell runs you get also a Ncurses environment.
I would like to give the wizards a (X)Dialog/Zenity/KDialog GUI. But they should
also get a nice HTML5 interface.

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