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[Qemu-discuss] qemu-kvm Guest memory understanding

From: Kavita Agarwal
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] qemu-kvm Guest memory understanding
Date: Wed, 20 May 2015 13:15:45 -0400


I am trying to understand a KVM Guest's memory splitup.
KVM VM runs via qemu as a userland process where qemu emulates devices for KVM.
On checking the process map of the qemu process, we get a big vma region which maps to the guest.
The pss (proportional set size) of this region is around 160 mb for an ideal guest with 1024mb RAM.
The epts just give me half the mappings around 80mb.
Any idea on where the remaining memory mapped to the guest vma is being used?
Kavita Agarwal
CS Graduate Student
Stony Brook University

"Excellence is not a skill, It is an attitude" - Ralph Marston

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