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[Qemu-discuss] Android in Qemu on an ARMv7 host

From: Jan Teske
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] Android in Qemu on an ARMv7 host
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2015 21:12:27 +0200


I’m trying to boot an Android L guest (32 bit) using Qemu on my Cubietruck, which sports a Cortex-A7 CPU. It doesn’t really work out. I get a Linux shell but the UI does not load.

I have now prior experience in using Qemu. I don’t know if I might need a patch for Qemu, a special Android image/kernel or just the right command line parameters. Instead of describing my setup and trying to work out were my mistakes lie, I would rather like to know if anyone has done this before.

I guess it would be too optimistic to hope for some kind of tutorial (although there is one for 64-bit Android: https://www.linaro.org/blog/core-dump/running-64bit-android-l-qemu/). I already searched for one and found nothing. But any pointers to resources or people that could help would be highly appreciated.


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