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[Qemu-discuss] Dear Qemu-Discuss Team.

From: 여승준
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] Dear Qemu-Discuss Team.
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2015 11:11:36 +0900

Hello. I’m Qemu KVM User for testing Virtualization.


I was installed Qemu KVM Virt-manager Package in Linux Centos Version 6.6.

And I Adding Virtual Host For Windows 2003.

I successed install Windows 2003 Host in qemu-kvm But I can’t setting memory 8GB.

If I setting 8G RMA in qemu virt-manager’s Host Information, Can’t install Virtual Host.


So I setting 3072MB, then I can install virtual host ( windows 2003 and any host )

I need over the Virtualized Host of over 4GB RAM. (exactly 8G RAM)


How Can I setting Virtualized Host of 8GB RAM?

Please reply to Mail Address address@hidden


Thank you.

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