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Re: [Qemu-discuss] How to use Xen accelerator with Qemu

From: Rishi Ranjan
Subject: Re: [Qemu-discuss] How to use Xen accelerator with Qemu
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2014 13:26:25 -0800

I was able to get this working. Xen headers were not getting included correctly. But now I am getting following error: 

qemu: hardware error: map shared IO page returned error 3 handle=0x7f9af6a7e7a

I don't see any documentation on use of Xen as accelerator for Qemu. I appreciate any help.

On Tue, Dec 30, 2014 at 7:44 AM, Rishi Ranjan <address@hidden> wrote:
I want to use xen accelerator on my Ubuntu system. I have installed xen-hypervisor-amd64 and libxen-dev on my Ubuntu 14.04. I did confirm that xen is installed after reboot.

I tried testing qemu with command line option "-machine q35,accel=xen -cpu qemu64" but I keep on getting the error "Xen not supported for this target".

Can someone help me on how to run the Qemu with xen accelerator.

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