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[Qemu-discuss] QEMU Advent Calendar 2014 final day and thank you

From: Stefan Hajnoczi
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] QEMU Advent Calendar 2014 final day and thank you
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2014 12:01:33 +0100

Today is the final day of QEMU Advent Calendar 2014:

A huge thanks to all the contributors who built fun and interesting
disk images for the advent calendar.  It was very successful and a
great way to celebrate QEMU.

We drove 480 GB of web traffic, 41,000 unique visitors, and over 1,000,000 hits!

Top disk image by downloads: Day 1 - Slacker's time travel by Gerd
Hoffmann.  Congratulations Gerd!

Full details:

Thanks and Happy New Year!


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