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[Qemu-discuss] Adding new command arguments to qemu binary

From: Shiva
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] Adding new command arguments to qemu binary
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2014 12:38:17 -0400

Hello ,
I am new to qemu development. I want to add the following to qemu. I want to 
start a qemu process with a new argument EECREATE. This when given to qemu-i386 
binary should create an encrypted space in memory with few new data structures 
inside. Like for example, 

qemu-system-i386 -hda ubuntu.img -eecreate

This command should boot an ubuntu.img and create a encrypted space (need not 
be big) of memory for the image.

Can anyone please let me know the process involved as what needs to be followed 
to get it working . I am not able to get any documentation on web and am stuck 
as where and how to begin.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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