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[Qemu-discuss] wondering about -kernel -append and -initrd Direct Linux

From: Paul Gydos
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] wondering about -kernel -append and -initrd Direct Linux Boot support in your windows installer QEMU versions
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2014 22:38:58 -0400

  I have been using your Windows Installer W32 version of QEMU 2.1.0 with some success. Thank you for your work as a QEMU Windows maintainer. Perhaps with more learning I too will be able to make the kind of community contributions that you make. 

  I have hit a snag with -kernel and -initrd arguments which cause QEMU to not launch no matter how they are phrased - is Direct Linux Booting not supported on this particular Debian Cross Compiled QEMU for Windows?
  The distro I'm working with launches fine as an .iso as a Live CD - it had isolinux as the bootloader so I extracted the ISO removed the isolinux, made it an iso again, converted it to a .bin and then used qemu-img to make it into a .qcow2 - it consists of simply a bzImage and and initrd and thats it. Very small and simple linux system just busybox glibc and kernel.

  But even with community help whenever I add the -kernel argument it just passes me back to command prompt and doesn't open up a machine (I'm using qemu-system-i386)

  I have kinds of syntax and others don't get the same response I do with equal syntax they at least get a machine launch and a kernel panic even w all not being perfect.

  I suppose I will just add a small bootloader like syslinux to the image  but if I can do a direct linux boot I would prefer it as I am trying for as tiny a footprint as possible
  Thanks You, Paul Gydos

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