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[Qemu-discuss] qemu too slow

From: YuGiOhJCJ Mailing-List
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] qemu too slow
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 06:27:12 +0200


I am using qemu-2.1.0 on a Slackware 14.1 operating system (with Linux 3.15.8).

I run qemu like this:
$ qemu-img create /tmp/qemu-img 5G
$ sudo qemu-system-i386 -boot order=d -hda /tmp/qemu-img -cdrom 
slackware-14.1-install-dvd.iso -m 1000 -enable-kvm

And qemu is very slow.
After 10 minutes, nothing is displayed on the screen, I am not able to see the 
Slackware installer.

I have tested with others ISO:
$ sudo qemu-system-i386 -boot order=d -hda /tmp/qemu-img -cdrom 
ubuntu-14.04.1-desktop-i386.iso -m 1000 -enable-kvm
$ sudo qemu-system-i386 -boot order=d -hda /tmp/qemu-img -cdrom 
debian-7.6.0-i386-CD-1.iso -m 1000 -enable-kvm
But same issue...

Is there a way to understand what is happening?

Thank you.
Best regards.

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