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[Qemu-discuss] how use qemu device_add and drive_add

From: liang
Subject: [Qemu-discuss] how use qemu device_add and drive_add
Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2014 15:49:24 +0800

hi all,

Recently, I try to use qemu's monitor commands add/del hotplug disk.

add device use:
1  drive_add 0 file=hotplug.raw,if=none,id=usb_disk1
2  device_add usb-storage,drive=usb_disk1,id=usb_disk11,removable=on
and del device use:
3  drive_del  usb_disk1
4  device_del  usb_disk11

but when command 4 the qemu allways "assertion failed: (obj->ref == 0)" receive SIGABRT.
sorry to tell you that I used qemu-1.2.0 .
and I try to use usb_add/usb_del, but it always tell me use error.


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